Sunday, April 03, 2005

Bad Blogger

Yea Yea, I might care that I haven't updated in forever if I actually had any readers. Well not counting the pitty read from my best friend Blue. LOL

I am not only in begginer knitting hell BUT remodeling hell too. Maybe knitting will save the tiny bit of sanity I have. ;)

Ok so remember the poncho Blue talked (bullied!) me into making? Yea, not done yet. First attempt sucked, second attempt I had to frog and now I'm on the third try. What I come out with this time is what she is wearing REGARDLESS!. So I think it is going pretty well this time but we shall see.

Here is what I have so far with my kick ass yarn tote from Jo-Anns. I love it and if I had smilies here I would add a drooling one.

Image hosted by


Anonymous said...

I read, I read!

It looks great V.

Jennifer said...

I am new at this blogging stuff, but I will read, I promise. :D Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Makes it all worth it, LOL!!

xoxoxoxox Tat

Emily said...

I read too!


Venus said...

Aww, you guys. I'm all verklempt. :D

Lisa said...

You already know I read, now get to work on that poncho! Remodel, schmemodel!