Friday, June 03, 2005

Well I nevah!

Well it seems the jig is up. I have been found out. I was recently asked by a close friend about my blog, I linked her obviously so she could check it out. Her reply, "Do you ... only talk about knitting?" You know I'm actually pretty sure she said the word "knitting" like my best friends southern Grandmother says anything unpleasant. Oh you know the way of the Southern woman, I know you do. That hushed tone to convey the seriousness or unsavoriness of the word.

"Well, yea" was my oh so witty reply. I set up this blog just to have a place to post my fledgling skills. So she, in that way only best friends can deliver, told me I was a dork and when I said well no one reads it anyway she gave me that look. Now to be fair I couldn't "SEE" the look because we were on the phone but I heard the look.

So to steal a tired movie phrase and twist it to suit my needs.

If I blog it they will read

So here it is Meg, my first fully unknit related blog. *kiss*

I also switched my font from Veranda to Trebuchet, I think I like it but feel free to share your opinion.


Megs said...

ROFL I so did not give you that look!

I prefer verdana, but I am a verdana whore.

Venus said...

You think? I'm rather unhappy with the limited blogger font options. Maybe I'll switch back.

Megs said...

I haven't even tried to change the font in my posts. Just color. I'm most concerned about color. And getting a fucking image in my sidebar where my name is. Help!

Lisa said...

The image by your name you can do on your profile page. I use Hello to add my pics to my blog.

And V, that post was not totally unknit related, you did mention...knitting.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is too damn funny.