Saturday, March 18, 2006

Super fast update

The frog got to his owner and her dd tried to swipe it. lol So I got my 2nd official order. I'm not going to be able to set aside time for it until after the move though.

Well if I get cracking on the packing I might have time right before we go. The cable and phone will be off on the 31st so I might have some down time then.

I packed my first full box today, YAY me. Luckily we aren't taking a whole lot or I'd be way behind schedule. The kids are at my dads and dh actually has tonight off so I'm slacking more than I would be normally. But I'm going to bust butt this week and I'll be fine. ;)

I have no idea if I'll get a chance to pop on before I go or if I'll have anything worthy of popping on about... yea like that stops me. I'll update whenever. :D

Now you'll have to excuse me, I have to go chase down my cat and try to force her into her new collar.