Monday, November 19, 2007

In a word... Craptastic

Yes, faithful readers that pretty much sums up my week.

It started off early in the week at the girlchild's dance lesson. Another mom,a mom I thought was a close friend, went postal on me and it was not pleasant. I walked away and a few moments later she followed me to yell at me some more. Sigh

So I ended the night in tears feeling like a moron for being so frustrated.

But Friday was my birthday so the week got better right?!??

Um, no. lol

Thursday my tower decided it was no longer going to boot, not even in safe mode. (is there anything I can do to save that machine?) So I grabbed my backup tower but it needed an operating system so I install an obselete version of Ubuntu (linux) on it and after hours and a near mental breakdown I am online again only at maybe 30% capacity.

I can't install any programs so I'm itunesless, skypeless and just all around out of the loop.

BUT at least I am here, kinda.

If the comp dying Thursday wasn't good enough girlchild woke up with a fever and was pukey... ALWAYS FUN! Bleh

So on my actual bday, dh had to work long hours and I didn't see him. I had no cake, no dinner... nothing special and birthday like. Big Sigh

Nic and I recorded a show, she called me on the phone, but the quality was shit so it had to be redone. We re-recorded last night and hopefully it will work out ok and the birthdaycast will be uploaded in the next few days.

Ok enough of the mopey crap, hopefully the next blog will be back to your regular Venus. ;)


Eric said...

Oh, honey. *hugs hugs hugs*
Sorry it turned out like that. I wish I could express mail you a cake!