Sunday, December 23, 2007

So perky I want to slap myself

So today is "Festivus" and there is a thread on Sybermoms for the Airing of Grievances.

I cannot think of ONE... NOTHING. Seriously Sigh I mean yes there is the usual bitching of wishing I had more of this (money) or less of that (bills) but an actual grievance, I'm at a loss.

Maybe one will come to me. Overall the feeling I have for 2007 as we prepare to put it to bed permanently is happiness and feeling very lucky.

This is our second year in a new state. We had a fresh start and while that is a good thing it is a struggle and the first year was amazingly hard. But this year I think we found our feet a little more. The kids and I are putting ourselves out "there" more in activities and making new friends. And sometimes those friendships aren't successful but it's all a learning experience. While I would have loved to cuss the dance mom I think I rose above and I'm proud of myself.

We still live in an apt that is too small for us and we have a list of wants that are a mile long, we are good and I can't complain about the petty stuff.

This year was a big step for me, in lots of small ways that I doubt many of you care to read about so I'll spare you. But I'm leaving '07 on a high note and I anticipate even better things for 2008.