Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Time to make the bagels...

Recently, thanks to Nicole, I've started making bagels. I was asked on twitter to do a photo blog detailing the process. So my kitchen is tiny and crowded, my camera sucks and this is only my third batch so I'm by no means perfect. So you've been warned... let's do this.

This is the recipe I follow, I tried to give you a picture of each step so you could see the process. Make Bagels!

Ok get all of your ingredients together according to directions. I'm using my fabulous Kitchen Aid, obviously.

Mix your dough

Divide your dough into 8 equalish pieces, let rest for 10-20 min

Roll each dough ball into a snake longer than the width of your two hands.

Loop your snake around your hand

Use your palm to seal your loop ends together

You made a dough circle!

A whole batch of almost bagels, yay.

After a 20 min rest

Time to boil

Boil for about a minute, flip and repeat for second side.

Dry before transferring to baking tray

Bake according to directions... Ta Da


Random Nicole said...

nom! those look great.

tortillas now? ;)

The Smiths said...

Wow. Impressive. I will have to try. It helps to have step-by-step photos!

Eric said...

oh my god. Yum.
And...nice fingernail polish!

Belinda said...

I FEEL SO POWERFUL. Thank you for posting this! I have wanted to try for a long time, because it is impossible to buy bagels that are whole-grain and also do not taste like suck. My mom orders some ridiculously expensive ones by the gross, all the way from Californy. I'm gonna try these.

Belinda said...

meant to ask, what kind of flour did you use?

Venus said...

The polish is a silver from Nicole, the girl and I love it!

I use AP flour. I get the unbleached stuff and whole wheat. Those bagels were half and half.