Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The thin line between inspiration and theft in the craft world

I'm "stealing" this post, in part, from my dear friend Diane because I think this is an issue that applies to quite a few of us.

Please read her blog entries for today... Here and Here

i just have to write about this since it makes me sick to see the rampant stealing of ideas in the indie craft world. there is a HUGE difference between being "inspired" by someone else's work and blatantly STEALING someone else's designs.

in this age of over exposure by way of the internet via blogs, craft sites, etsy, etc. is an original idea a thing of the past? not unless you are a true artist and not an opportunist. there is a GIGANTIC difference here. an artist is someone who comes up with unique, original ideas and is inspired by the world around them...an opportunist is someone who takes an artist's designs and passes them off as their own.

~ an excerpt from Diane's post

Anytime you share your craft with the world via real life or the web you run the risk of people saying "Oh hey, I could make that!", but when you are making a profit from another persons idea you have indeed crossed that fine line. Tweak an idea, be inspired to try new things, step out of your craft comfort zone. But put your own spin on that idea, improve on a craft you see online, don't just paste your name to it and call it a day.

There are many crafts that are universal, how many of us haven't made and possibly sold marble magnets? But if you are crafting with the intent to sell and become a name then you really have to respect your craft community and decide which side of that fine line you want to be on... just something to think about.


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