Monday, April 28, 2008

A real blog entry, I swear!

No kid pics or sock creatures... just words.

Holy crap, It's almost MAY! Ugh, time seems to be slipping by me at an ever increasing speed, is there some kind of time warp that correlates with age? Time seemed to move by so slowly when I was younger and now it just whips past leaving me in the dust. Sigh

I've been busier lately with sock stuff and my home has suffered from the neglect. So I think today is going to be a domestic day. Cleaning, cooking, doing some prep stuff to get through the week with as little trauma as possible.

All of my recent orders have been shipped and the one that have arrived have been well received which makes me amazingly happy. I have a few new orders to start on this week and that gave me the excuse I needed to go sock shopping @ Target... YAY!

Yesterday we took the kids bowling and then we went to see Horton Hears a Who, it was such fun. We will buy it when it comes out. Cam got to try out his new ball and it rocked, I think he will improve as he gets more used to it. It's a 12lb, the score for his first game was 112 I think and he bowled a 99 his second game. Teagan bowled an 86 on her first game of the day!!! No bumpers even so it's a true 86. We were very impressed.

Ok... it's almost 5am, my hubby's stupid alarm clock made sure I was up and awake at 3, grrr. So I might as well go get started on that kitchen before the kids get up and harass me.