Thursday, April 10, 2008

Watch your head in the doorway... we are going on an ego trip

A while ago I got a custom order for a poodle. Yes you heard me a POODLE! This was one of the biggest pita things I've ever tried to do. But... honestly I think it might be one of the most amazing things I've ever done. It's pretty freaking awesome. And if you are a faithful reader you know I don't blow my horn all that often and not this loudly. lol

Well I know you want to see her... let the squeeeeeeing commence.






Fairy Princess Holly said...

That is so freakin' adorable! Good job, Venus!

diane said...

i am dumbfounded at your brilliance! excellent job!!!! this is quite simply superb!

you rock!
xo diane

The Smiths said...

No longer "wannabe." Fiber Goddess-ness has been achieved!I bow to your glory!

Miss Anne Derstood said...

Oh this is AWESOME! Have you done a wiener dog?