Sunday, May 04, 2008

day 4

Part of my HS order from amazon has been shipped and as I was looking over the email I see that I somehow put two of the same study guides in the cart... mother humper. So I wasted $20. GAH, I am an idiot. And sending it back looks like a pita and they are going to charge me for shipping regardless. I think I will just take it to the Home School Cottage and see if Kelda wants to consign it.

I'm going to take our text books and stuff from this past year in on Friday. Time to clean and organize for the new year. We will start back to school as soon as everything arrives and I have a few days to flip through it and decide how best to proceed. I'm looking fwd to it. I have a 7th and a 3rd grader this year!

My bff here in LA has decided to HS her 3 (she has another on the way) and we are going to do art and spanish together, the kids are looking fwd to that part.

I know this was boring to all non HSers but sorry... lol Love ya anyway.