Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ok now I can give you a proper update

Ok I'm setting out to gain like 100 lbs this weekend. Cake and ice cream and big huge breakfast (being cooked right now by my dearest husband) and other assorted crap!

The good news is I got a knock off gazelle thingy free from a friend. It's a "fitness flyer" but wtf ever it's going to be awesome. And it was free so WOOT!

I got the bestest package of yarn bits from Nicole. I use them for hair or tail bits on the sock toys. She sent a TON and a cool ikea thingy to store them in and the most adorable korker bows for Teagan.


Ok I have some other stuff to say but I'll save it for tomorrow.


Happy Mom's Day if you are a mom and you care about that kinda stuff. ;)