Sunday, June 01, 2008

but i'm feeling much better now.

Onward and upward or some such... right?

I'm supposed to record tonight with Nic and Will so that should be fun.

Tomorrow the kids and I start back to school. This year we are doing a more relaxed Well-Trained Mind approach. I've not actually read TWTM but I know I'm doing a lot of stuff they recommend. lol We are only doing 4 day weeks and should only have 3 subjects a day. Hopefully all 3 of us will have more fun this year.

I have a few sock toy ideas rattling around on my mental list to start this week. My top design plans are Shark, T-Rex and I'm working out the last kinks of a Mermaid. :D I need to get a few things made and uploaded to my etsy because I'm all empty over there and that will never do.

I made dh watch Bring It On! for the first time yesterday. *rofl* I love that movie.