Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Final Countdown... Waiting for Gustav

That earworm is my parting gift to you. lol

Well, it is Sunday morning. Contraflow has started in my area, I think it started yesterday in the NO area.

We are stocked up on non perishables and water. I spent yesterday cooking some of the stuff in the freezer and doing some prep work to make grill cooking easier in case we are without power for a while.

Everything is off the floor just in case and we have a second floor that we can camp out on if things get soggy. ;)

I'll be online until the minute we lose power but this will probably be my last official blog until after Gustav has passed and life starts going back to normal. I have my camera so maybe I'll get some good storm/damage shots for you.

Keep us in your thoughts. See you on the other side.



Random Nicole said...

Stay safe, come here if it gets worse, and for BEAR JEEBIS SAKE save the liger!

The Smiths said...

And maybe the children. But first the liger!