Sunday, October 19, 2008

My liberal "gotcha" media bias.. or this blog is Pro-Obama

I could not be more pro-Obama if I were Obama.

Do you know who Shepard Fairey is? He is the artist behind the gorgeous red/white/blue Hope, Change, Progress posters. Visit His Site

I think he is brilliant and I love these prints. I played around with them today for my desktop and I thought I'd share...

Here is a ss of my desktop

Here is the horizontal that I currently have. I added in Fairey's vote print also because I like balance and even things.


and I did a 4 sq. set up also


so there ya go, I think they make great desktop images. Show off your O love as the weeks countdown to our new Mr. President.


mehitabel said...

Definitely an Obama supporter here! This is something I want so badly--let's all work for it!

Heidi said...

The posters ARE very very nice. Your daughter's glasses are beautiful or maybe she is just beautiful and they look nice! I love your sockies and all too. :D