Saturday, December 27, 2008


From Dec 2007 (how it went)

I only accomplished 2 of my 7 goals from last year so I'm kinda bummed but my year took a different turn and overall I'm very happy with what I accomplished.

I'm going with 5 goals this year...

1. Get back into my eating and exercise routine (no soda or fast food for first 6 months of the year) (went well for a while and like always - crash and burn le sigh)

2. Read 50 books (I only finished 30 something this year) (oh so freaking close, I read 48, I've started the 49th)

3. Find a way to get my website up and running (Well, its not a full site but it is a start )

4. Network locally to expand and promote my business. Find out what my local options are more fully (actually I have enough biz resolutions to make another list. My business is going to be a big focus for me this year) (I could have done more but I was invited to join a spring Craft Expo in '09 so I'm pretty happy. I also joined a local craft group on etsy.)

5. Buy or Do a little something fun for myself once a month and NOT feel guilty about it! ( The cashflow got in the way of this but I can't complain. I've ended the year on a super positive note)