Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Funny the things we realize about ourselves...

The photo from yesterday and the one from today are in the same theme. I'll share the pic and then talk about it


Now one might see the obvious themes of my craft area, sewing supplies or even bright colors. But I think the elephant theme in the room is that I might have a touch of a ocd-ish quirk. lol My daughter placed the threads on the rack when I first got it and they are in a random order. I wasted NO time in taken all 60 colors off and ordering them "properly".

My buttons are a big issue for me. I simply adore buttons, even though I know that is such a strange thing to say. I search ebay for giant lots of buttons. I enjoy the sorting and ordering them into color families. Looking at them makes me happy.

As a matter of fact... I think I need to visit ebay real quick. ;)


Anna B said...

get help

Merlot said...

I love buttons. They feel so good running through your fingers.