Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's just a day

I have wondered if I will lose followers by doing the blog365 project... let's face it most of these entries are going to be a snooze-fest. And I don't have a huge following to start with. lol

Well, I think my foot is not going to fall off... I'm way too round to balance without it so that is a bit of good news. I've been in a blah yesterday and today, not sure what that is about though the weather wasn't helping. The kids have been lectured for not pulling their weight around the apartment so we will see what happens over the next week.

Teagan broke my headset so we have not recorded a new podcast... Nic's comp crashed last week so I think we might have lost the last one we recorded also. Sigh. But next week we are unveiling our new incarnation... a live radio show. So you can listen (and call in) live and then the show will still be uploaded so you can listen at your convenience. I'm nervous and excited. We , and by WE I mean Nic, are heavily edited and that cuts out lots of suckage... so it's going to be a learning curve for sure. But we both have families and Nic will be happier (well, less stabby... not really happy of course) without hours of editing on her to-do list every week. So the night of the 11th will be our first live show, woot. Next stop... Queens of All Media I loved Nicole's comparison today... we are the white Frangela. Take that, bitches!

Here is my photo of the day...

And you get a bonus
because, well glitter on a potted plant, how the hell can you resist that?


Walt said...

Snoozefest? What are you talking about? A new post from you is not a snoozefest. Going a month or so in between posts is! LOL! I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures. I'm trying to do a picture of me a day over at my photoblog this year. Three days so far and three pictures. I rock! LOL!