Friday, August 19, 2005

Speaking of schoolwork

I know I'm totally blogwhoring but this was great!

The kids had their work and I was starting lunch and blabbing to Blue on the phone. One of Cam's last assignments was to write a few sentences. I gave him a workbook from Starfall and on this page the story starter featured June and Duke and the snowman they made meeting a bad end.

Well I didn't think much of it past the part of actually getting Cam to create the sentences since pulling teeth actually would be an easier task. So I'm reading the starter blurb to him and asking him questions to get him thinking and Blue busts out in my ear JUNE & DUKE?! *rofl*

She is seriously guffawing in my ear and so I start laughing too. She asks if they have a dog named Spit. LOL So for the next 15 minutes she totally mocks my kids knockoff ghetto Dick and Jane wannabe workbook and by this point I have tears and can't even talk. So after a bit we compose ourselves and I say to her, "they used icecubes for eyes".


"Um, icecubes... for the eyes. June and Duke used icecubes for the snowmans eyes."

Pause and hysterical laughter

"And *laugh* a prune for the nose"

So at that point she says I am totally makeing this up but I'm not and we burst into fits again and face hurts from laughing. That my friend, is a good day. :D

OMG they have the pages online so you can see them! LMAO

Ok so here is Snowy
and here is the facing page June and Duke


Megs said...

I'm rather scared of Duke. He's a scary looking mofo.

Lisa said...

Oh it's too much, I'm now a puddle of hysterical tears.