Friday, August 19, 2005

Change is good!

Wugh, I was SO sick of my old template. I tried to search for a new one but most of the free ones I found either seriously sucked butt or they just were not me. I'm a rather unique individual you know. LOL

I thought about trying to make one but I am less skilled at graphics stuff than I am at knitting if you can believe that.

So I just used another of the Blogger offered template but it is brighter. I really needed more color and that obnoxious green is working for me, for now.

It's 2:31, the kids have done all of their work for the day and I have cleaned the cat pan and the guinea pig cage. Well I think I'm pretty much beat. ;) I want to start my next book but I could knit also. *scratch chin*

GAWD have I mentioned I hate not having smilies on here? Yea I know only like 1000 times. But really, it's like having to talk without using my hands.