Saturday, September 10, 2005

Well... blah

We had our cable reconnected and that has been AWESOME. Digital cable and dvr is the best invention ever and I have been zoning out on tv more than I really should but I'm making up for a 14 month dry spell. lol

Other than the joy of tv in my life I feel very blah. I feel like all of my friends are moving forward and have had all of these great rewarding things happen in their lives recently and here I sit. Very soon I will be 30 and I feel like I have jack to show for it. I have no great job, no big future plans, no classes to attend. I think I missed the exit to a real life that all of my friends took and I'm stuck on dead end drive. Blah, oh well. :(


Lisa said...

You just haven't gotten to your exit yet V. ;) And mine is just a detour anyway. Love you.