Monday, November 05, 2007

Well you've just about seen everything...

My newest side craft, my crafty area.... hmm what else is left... wow wonder what it could be?

Oh yea....


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Here I am working away in my corner on an order. :D

I rarely ever get in front of the camera so consider yourself lucky. lol


The Smiths said...

OK, you rockin' redhead... is that an Emily the Strange shirt you are wearing? Do you also shop at Hot Topic, better known as Gothmart?

And what is that fabulous nail color you are wearing? Your adoring fans want to know!

Venus said...

That is indeed an Emily shirt, I bought it a few years ago at Gothmart along with my "I ROCK" shirt and my little worm from Labyrinth tank top. lol

My nail color is Penny Lane, I got it a bunch of years ago from walmart most likely. The from of the bottle says jane in a swoosh. :)

Soroya said...

had no clue you were a red your nails