Sunday, December 16, 2007

Well, the challenge was accepted and I've done my best.

Teagan and I really did have fun doing this. We didn't make a ton but it was a good experience, She is an amazing helper! I'll detail each picture for you. Please click each image for a larger picture.

Ok here is the ornament I made for the purpose of judging. It is 100% hand made. No cutters or templates used. Just lil ol' me and a knife. Please note her festive "bow" corset and pleated skirt combo. This INUIY girl loves to party, she is ready to tell the world to SUCK IT. How can you not vote for this sassy little number?

Teagan made this Santa completely by herself. *love*

Here is a trio of smaller ornaments that I combined into one pic. The snowflake was a cutter, I drew in the lines. The bear was a template that Teagan cut out by herself, she did the ears, nose and eyes on her own too. The stocking was a joint effort. Teagan rolled all of the strips and I placed them on the sock.

Last but not least, our wreath. I think this one is the prettiest. Again Teagan was the strip roller and I braided. I think we make a pretty great team, don't you?

These are my entries in the 1st annual It's Not Us, It's a Salt Dough Smackdown.



Will Radik said...

The ornament bitch got a mustache!

Venus said...

It does look like she does, bad drying - face crack area. Or maybe she's on hormones and needs a wax. WHO are you to discriminate, Mr. Radik!

The Smiths said...

Whew, sort of glad I sat this one out. I couldn't compete with this fabulousness. although I feel Depeche Mode was sadly not represented. Doesn't everyone have Depeche Mode ornaments?