Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Morning musings

It's kinda funny how little it takes to start off a morning on a good note. I got up and the kids were still in bed (always a great start!), I got up and showered, used a new shampoo and conditioner - my hair looks fabulous!, got out/dried off/got dressed and used this new hair clip I bought yesterday... It's this funky little octopusy thing that is especially good for thick/curly hair. Hey I have both of those things! ;) It works great, my hair is up and it's not pulling or tugging and hurting my head, it's not heavy and it's not ripping my curls. And viola, I'm having a great morning so far.

Sometimes it scares me how simple I am. Oh well, it's part of my charm.


The Smiths said...

New shampoo and conditioner is the best!