Tuesday, December 04, 2007


yes, I'm so bored I'm talking about the weather. piss off

It's cold here... well cold for the south - you know how that goes. It's 35 right now (ok that's not just south cold so shut up), I looked it up. lol It says high of 63 today. Friday is supposed to be a high of 80. This up and down is getting old because I can't even clear out the girl's closet. Bah

Oh a happier note, we are decorated for Cmas. Our tree is up and we have lights outside and inside the apt. We are going to be making more paper decorations - snowflakes etc. over the next week.

I have 6 toys to complte for orders and then I need to get Frig and Mr.Bee their toys from our podcast contest. Busy Busy

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