Sunday, January 13, 2008

Long time no blog

Well school started again and with it ALL of the kids activities.

Homeschool meetings, teen committee and Irish dance on Tuesdays

Homeschool bowling league (Cam just won a medal for most wins for the first part of the year. YAY, Cameron!) on Wednesdays

Ice skating on Thursdays and now Teagan is doing dance 2x a week so Irish again on Thursdays.

And then of course other assorted things here and there... such is life when you have kids, especially when those kids are around 24 hours a day. lol

Ok well the comp update is... XP was a bust and a total waste of $100 - bleh. It wouldn't recognize my modem so I couldn't get online. So I ended up wiping xp and reinstalling Ubuntu. Apparently the computers that be want me to learn Linux.

I've read 3 books so far and gone without soda and fast food for 12 full days. I had some recent temptation due to some pretty big real life drama that left me with a painful NEED for comfort food but I fought the urge and feel much better that I'm still on track.

I've lost my first 2lbs of the year so yay me. :D

Our salt dough ornaments are painted and sealed. Our INUIY girl looks so much prettier with a coat of paint on her. What do you think?

ok bye for now xoxo


The Smiths said...

INUIY girl needs a name. Do I feel a contest coming on?

I like her skirt. She should have her own clothing line at the Walmarts so I can buy me one like it.

Walt said...

Everything that you have going on is making me tired. I can only imagine how exhausted you must get.

Congrats on the first two pounds!! And 12 days (and counting) without soda and fast food is something to be praised. Trust me, I know how difficult it can be, especially when you have those comfort food cravings and needs. I'm really proud of you!!

Eric said...

Hey, you! You know I'm up here rooting for you in everything! I'll keep you in my thoughts AND in my Satanic circle of devil worship...which is every Thursday night at 7:06 (which is 6:66, if you think about it).