Saturday, February 16, 2008

Best find ever!

Ok I just finished recording with Nic and Monty during which my chair broke so I did the podcast on my yoga ball... work your abs while becoming a famous podcaster, thats how awesome I am.

So I go to take my chair out to the dumpster grave and I find THIS!!! My Thelma and Louise insisted I bring it home and I am but a monkey puppet.

I think it needs a name, no?


Maybe we can paint it like the cow parade statues! lol


Michael said...

are we gonna send this across the country too? :-)

Walt said...

I was going to suggest painting it!! LOL! It could be your craft-a-day project.

divy said...

great merciful crap! it's fabulous!

definitely needs a paint job.

Will Radik said...


Lisa said...

I don't know if they would let me bring that in the church.

You should tie-dye it. except without the tying, because that would be kind of difficult to twist the ceramic.

Samantha said...

looks like a mountain lion to me. you should name him Darla. I don't know why, but it just looks like a Darla to me. Not only should you paint it, but you should also add some fancy jewelry... perhaps a hat?