Friday, February 01, 2008

Thing-A-Day Day 1

For my first thing I made Mock Ice cream Sandwiches using homemade whipped cream. Smush some cream between two graham cracker squares, decorate and freze for at least 4 hours. Next time I might add some fudge sauce to the cracker or flavor the whipped cream chocolate or mint... or both. *drool*

Setting up the decorations. We have Barbie Valentine sprinkles, are there any other kind? ;)

Starting to whip the cream. Have I mentioned how much I love this mixer?

Whip it, baby! This is the first time I have ever tried to make (or tasted for that matter) homemade whipped cream. I think it came out ok, it was whippy and the family thought it was great. They are the only judges that really matter, right?

Look how cute!

Little sandwiches all wrapped up and ready for the freezer. Yum