Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thing-A-Day, Day 2 wow today was a trip

Ok So I found a pancake recipe I wanted to make for the kids and it said it made 12 so I figured hey I’ll double it to make 24, thats a grand idea. My first warning was that the recipe called for 10 cups of buttermilk and 10 cups of flour…

Here is the huge amount of batter the recipe made. That is my largest bowl, I couldn't lift it. I had to bring my pathetically tiny griddle over to the sink.

Mountain of pancakes. 52 regular (about hand sized) and 12 plate sized. Makes 24 my butt!

Pancakes as far as the eye can see and fresh bread... that's pretty much ALL I did today.

Sigh, this wasn't supposed to be my thing. I'm not very happy with it as my thing but I guess crap days are going to happen. Tomorrow's thing will be much better. :D


Mr. Bee said...

How in the hell did you have time to flip 52 pancakes AND ma,e two loaves of bread. AND get your children dressed AND get Mardi Gras beads....JESUS!

Venus said...

Oh their Daddy took them to the parade while I was slaving in the kitchen. lol

Eric said...

Sweet Bear Jesus but that bread looks good.
Will you please come live with me and be my mommy?
ok, I TOTALLY mean that in a non-dirty way.

The Smiths said...

Wow, it looks like a syrup commercial all up in here! You nuts, woman. At least they freeze well - separate them with sheets of waxed paper and put in zip locks. Then microwave 20 - 30 seconds on each side. Actually pretty tasty!