Monday, April 14, 2008

And when did I schedule being able to breathe?

Just a quick whine ( don't have time for a longer one lol) about my schedule for the next week...

Today is Monday and the kids had to go to the dentist - yay no cavities

Tuesday = Homeschool meeting, teen committee and my husband's birthday *love*

Wednesday = Bowling league, Hubby is going to get off work early and surprise us @ the bowling alley because it's Cameron's birthday. Then we are going to go get Cam his gift - a custom bowling ball and go out to dinner.

Thursday = A quietish day, only chess club

Friday = Take cam to his Heroscape game @ the Home School Cottage

Sat = drive back to the cottage for a HS Workshop

Sun = Go bowling with my friends family, our boys share a b-day and then back to her house for a cook out and cake!

Monday = back to the dentist to have one of Teagan's teeth pulled. It's causing her midline to shift to the left... whatever that means. I guess it's bad. lol

Then repeat with committees and bowling and chess and heroscape... every week. BLEH

And in the middle of that somewhere I'm going to find time to make more toys. lol Some are going to the cottage this week, I'm very excited. :D