Monday, April 21, 2008

Im quite sure that you'll tell me Just how I should feel today

Ok so it's not really a "blue" monday but bleh anyway.

I have to go take Teagan to get that tooth pulled and my son seems to have developed some type of plague... FUN!

Sigh, but such is life right?

My kitchen is a wreck because I was out all weekend. Sat I went to a homeschooling workshop and had a good time. My friend Megan printed up the brochures for my Sole Mates and now they are hanging out with my toys here

And Sunday we did birthday stuff and had a good time until Cam started feeling under the weather. :(

Ok so today's agenda...

walgreens for ethedent refill for Tea and cold meds for Cam
kitchen - eek
lunch - cake = yum!
cutting Teas hair for donation - pics will follow of course!


The Smiths said...

Blue Monday, one of the best dance club songs, ever!

Sounds like an awesome day! What fun!

Be sure to post details of your hair donation. Mari want to do that after her dance recital this year.

Hang in there...