Sunday, November 29, 2009

Meat Free Mania

We are now a meat free house but its kinda complicated.

Ok if you read in order you just read about my internal organs trying to mutiny. Well I'm not cool with that so I made a pretty drastic decision... NO MORE MEAT for me or soda or fast food (at least for the most part, I'm not going to be a militant weirdo that freaks if you get a french fry near me).

So my daughter has been a veggie for almost a year and I figured that even if I did get my gb taken out you have to change your diet so I might as well try to change my diet now because what do I have to lose... Well Chris took it one step further and decided the whole house should go veggie. He will not be fully veg when he is on the rig because it is really too hard at this point but all the meals I make are veggie or vegan.

Going to share our faves and not so faves here. :) so expect lots of food posts in the future.

Red Bean Burgers

So good! I just made another batch for the freezer but actually made 12 patties instead of 6 because they were so huge you could barely finish one.

Mock Tuna Salad


tuna melts

eh... still working on this. won't call it a miss just yet but it needs some doctoring




Rebelyankee said...

Hey! Congrats on a big change! I'm kind of excited to read about your experiments. I'll suggest one or two books for you you might like! Veganomicon is sort of the gold standard for vegan cooking (at least in NYC)! I've made a few items from it and it's very good! Also maybe try looking for "In a Vegetarian Kitchen." It's a bit more esoteric, but it goes all the way on how to make your own homemade stock for soups and such! maybe a real plus for you if a Whole Foods is either unavailable or over your budget. They also show you how to make homemade tempeh, seitan, etc...

So, is your mock tuna recipe good? I've been looking for one!

Venus said...

It wasn't 'bad' just kinda meh... But I was out of celery *gasp* so I'm going to work on it.

I bought Vegan with a Vengeance and I love it, I'm kinda crushing on Isa and want to pack up and run off to NY. lol

We aren't officially vegan but I find lots of the vegan recipes more appealing and I don't want us eating pounds of cheese a week. You know, maybe it is in my head but I feel like I have more energy so that's good even if it is just a placebo effect. lol

Rebelyankee said...

The thing that many people find about actually going vegan're eating decent stuff! Not that all meat is bad...but most factory meat is pumped full of hormones and antibiotics to keep the animals alive long enough to get fat and be slaughtered! Unhealthy. Just eating things that aren't sprayed and injected to within an inch of their sadly-short lives does pay off in your body.
I hope it works out for you!
Isa rocks, doesn't she? If you come to NYC (Do it!), I will have to take you to a few veggie restaurants. :-)