Sunday, November 29, 2009

Not even a full month between posts

I'm getting better. ;)

Ok so... lets see what I have to catch you up on.

I had a bad gall bladder attach on the 14th, it lasted about 3.5 hours and it sucked wind! But I survived and the next day (the 15th) I got up and felt better... until round 2 started! I've never had back to back attacks like that and it was horrible. I know, I know... you are screaming GO TO THE DR AND GET IT CUT OUT YOU FOOL! right about now but I refuse for a few reasons.

1) I don't want to lose any organs until I really have to.
2) Lots of people have side effects from removing the gb
3) You can still have problems with gall stones even if you remove the gb.

To make matters more fun, on the day of my 2nd attack I had to go to the grocery store because the boy had a stomach bug and it was not pretty. Neither was me walking through the store hunched over and shuffling. lol

on the 16th I turned 34! and the boy was better but still tired and the girl got the bug... GAH. and I was off solid food trying to baby my gall bladder. And of course, did I mention that Chris was working in Texas through all of this. Sigh

There has been another huge change but I'm going to give that it's own entry...