Saturday, April 25, 2009


We are planning on moving, not sure if I have blogged about that but I think I did. We are moving to TX. We were hoping to move by the end of the year. Our apt lease is up in Nov. and we can go month to month but we would have loved to have that be a short term option. But it seemed like pushing the move until Spring 2010 was more realistic.

Now the time off work is eating our savings and pushing back the prospect of moving even further. It is so frustrating. Our apt is small and at first it seemed fine but as time goes on I swear it feels like the rooms are shrinking in on us. I'm so tired of not having my own washer/dryer, esp. today after having a pukey girl last night. I'm sick of putting quarters in the loaded machines to find out after the fact that they are broken. Ugh so many other little annoyances. I do not know how we can possibly live here for another year, year and a half... TWO?!

I'm so tempted to start researching the rental market in TX and just heading out when our lease expires.


Stephanie said...

I hear you. We're going from one small apartment to another, possibly smaller, apartment. Not thrilled, but whatever. Apartment living sucks.