Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm so bad lately!

We've been busy busy busy.

I've been planning the new school year and I'm almost ready for the purchase part. That is always the most exciting (and often nerve wracking) part of the school year. And then the boxes start arriving and you get to go buy new school supplies... sigh, it is just bliss.

Or, I'm a weirdo... that's also possible. lol

Things are going well in Casa de Fibres.

I'm having a website made, that's my big news. WOOHOO! The husband is getting back into the swing of work after the 6 week layoff.

The little found dog's former owners never searched for her as far as I can tell and after seven weeks I am no longer searching for them and I finally feel like she is ours.

We have a moving update... the new plan is to move when our lease is up in November and rent a house there. It's foolish to buy (IMO) without living there for a while anyway and if we have to rent regardless, we might as well rent there and make sure we like it before setting down roots. I will miss the fabulous friends I have made but I guess that's to be expected.

Ok I think that is it for this quick update... I'll be back soon with a link to my brand new website so stay tuned!